What we do

Reduce mass prepared to recover P

1. Biological Drying
  • De-central, on-site where sludge is dewatered.
  • Up to 75% mass reduction by biological drying, equal to thermal drying.
  • No requirement for an external heat source.
  • Odour and ammonia controlled.
  • Fully automated process.
2. Thermal Drying
  • De-central or centralised service.
  • 85% mass reduction in total after drying of biologically dried sludge.
  • Robust, low cost investment, compact air-drying system.
  • Use of energy from downstream process.
3. Incineration or Gasification
  • P-rich raw material for P-recovery.
  • Robust, low cost investment, compact gasification system.
  • Energy for upstream and other processes.

ThermusA InQbator © technology, currently in testing phase

Reduces costs significantly: transport cost with 75% and mass reduction costs with 50% compared to mainstream drying technologies.

It is drying energy autark, odour and ammonia emission are controlled, has a small footprint and is fully automated. Therefore it is particularly applicable for on-site de-central mass reduction.

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